Those black doe eyes. 
Just staring into them makes you feel warm inside.
Mori-chan the tawny owl likes to sniff around and hop around.
Freezes like a statue when sleepy.

With its long lashes and blue eyelids, it looks like its wearing make-up. 
Small body but big presence.
Answers when you call its name.
Hina-chan the Mottled Owl 
Sometime cries in a nice, low voice.
Loves heights.
Surprisingly stubborn.

TMen-chan and Men-men are barn owl sisters.
Men-chan loves being stroked on the nose. 
Menmen loves playing with stuffed animals.
Wanna know which is which? You'll have to come down to the store to find out.

Yu-kun the Eurasian Eagle Owl 
Very kind and peaceful and moves at his own pace. 
Great at perching on people's arms! 
Sometimes his cries are cute contrary to his appearance.

Toru-chan the Turkmenian Eagle Owl is big.
She's a tough girl with a sharp look and lots of attitude.
She's smart and knows when she's being complimented on her pretty looks!

The very popular Shi-chan the Snowy Owl.
Has a strong presence but is shy around strangers.
Kindhearted but picky.
Walks very cutely.

Hina-chan loves being outside.
Her cuteness shows a lot more when she's outside.

Shi-chan is always in the house.
Sometimes she'll come out and you'll find her in front of the cabinet.
Consider yourself lucky if you find her!

Toru-chan and Yu-kun love being on the floor.
They may welcome you at the entrance!

Men-chan and Menmen are always together.

Mori-chan freezes like a statue when she's sleepy.